Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 5, 2016

Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – Hoverboards

Stick RPG 2
Hoverboard-Good: Stick RPG 2
  • Go to the courtyard outside your basement apartment in the first island in the evening with all four trophymons. Talk to the pink girl, she’s an animal activist named Annie.
  • Give her all your trophymons. You’ll get a lot of good karma, some charm and a hoverboard.
Hoverboard-Evil: Stick RPG
  • Go down the road between your apartment and the Mobster Tower at night with the four trophymons.
    Give the last trophymon to the eccentric billionaire.
  • He’ll give you $3000 for the first three, a hoverboard for the fourth and negative karma.

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