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Stick Rpg Complete Cheats – Sleeping

Stick RPG 2
If you are trying to sleep very quickly, press [Tab] twice, [Enter], [Tab], [Enter] and repeat.

Submitted by: Brandon
to wake up at 12:00 am everyday, get a job or the HEYZEUS!!!! and purchase an alarm clock. this should wake up a little earlyer, next buy as many nicatinue pills as possible  because every pill used + alarm clock will wake you up at 12:00 am

Submitted by: nathan
start the game enter HEYZEUS!!!! get 999 of charm intellagence and streinth get castle check email erace it you will get a lottory if its not when you leave the castle is in the bank choose 50000 you win go to bed you get 5000 each day hey you deserve it for all your hard work im still getting my presidensial account bye
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