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Stick RPG Complete Walkthrough (PC)

This is thy walkthrough, as soon as you click “start”, click unlimited to make thing safe, click done, and keep re-rolling until you get a total stat points (30+), put 10 in each, then click done one more, you will see a story. Watch it or skip it, and continue.
stick prg 2
There is no tutorial, but I will guide you: movement is by arrows, and click to interact with other characters, there are 3 types of transportation listed from worst to best: walking, board, car, and to do the last two you have to shift and walk.
Intelligence is the most important: how smart you are, it controls your salary, your transportation, strength (2nd) just controls how hard it is for you to die, and helps you in bar fights, and the no. Of car crashes you survive, and charm controls (least) controls store robbing luck.
Karma is not too important, except for the final job: president/dictator, if you do good things, it goes up, if bad things, it goes down, and you can guess which job has which type of person, I will tell other things later.
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